COVID-19 UPDATE. You are welcome to place your orders, but our lead times may be longer than normal. We do have some ready made inventory of Vincent Pro, Monet Pro, 3D Pro, Elite, and some Hardcore Canvas Panels, so please give us a call at 619-710-2500 and we can help to satisfy your needs more quickly or through one of our retailers who may have the exact product you need.

Welcome to Masterpiece Artist Canvas (
We are America's premier canvas maker since 1965, where you can find nearly anything you want. With our nationwide network of retailers, we can help you get nearly anything you can imagine, including custom.

Our sought-after Masterpiece PRO canvas offers the most comprehensive selection of standard products anywhere. With 10 canvas surfaces, 4 depths, and nearly 300 standard sizes, we represent over 10,000 standard products designed to inspire. We have several patents making our products unique, but more importantly, perform better for you, the artist, and help elevate the value of your final artwork.

We are here for you, so if you have any questions, please either send us an email or give us a call.


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