Hardcore Pro Panel™

Masterpiece® Quality Made Canvases since 1965!
We produce the finest canvases in North America! We offer 11 professional quality surfaces for studio or Plein air panel painters. All of our Belgian Linen and Cotton surfaces are sized first and then primed to prevent oil paint from leaching through the surface, which can be caustic to the raw fabric over time. We have a wide array of surfaces from highly textured, medium tooth, smoother tooth, and portrait smooth. We have acrylic primed, oil primed, and alkyd oil primed canvas.

Meticulous Attention to Detail - Sized and Sealed 4 Times!
Each panel is handmade and inspected to our very high quality standards. We use MDF Engineered Wood, which is the ultimate and most stable composite material available. The panels are sized, dried, and sealed in 4 separate steps to create the most stable panel possible. Then we mount the canvas using our proprietary pH balanced PVA adhesive. The back is covered with vinyl creating a double-sided impervious moisture barrier for dramatically improved stability.

Stress Relieved Panels are the flattest in the business!
We invented and employ a proprietary process that serves to stress-relieve each panel, helping to keep it as flat as possible, or slightly convex. The paint that you apply to the surface will shrink when it dries, and that shrinkage will tend to bow the panel in a concave fashion. However, due to our unique stress-relieving process, and because our panels are slightly convex, when you have completed your painting, the panel is usually flat most all of the time.

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