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12x16 Malibu™ Masterpiece® Hardcore Pro Canvas Panel™ additional picture 1
3:4 Aspect Ratio Size

12x16 Malibu™ Masterpiece® Hardcore Pro Canvas Panel™

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12x16 - 3:4 Aspect Ratio Size; Very Popular Proportion.

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Malibu™ Textured Alkyd Oil Primed Linen, Open Weave, Medium Weight, Excellent for artists who prefer a tooth
Raw Weight: 5, Primed Weight: 12
Sized Twice, Double Alkyd Oil Primed

Our hand primed alkyd-oil based ground is an extraordinary surface for oil paints. Two coats of PVA sizing yields a very stable ground. Oil paints are best applied to an oil based ground yielding better adhesion. The paint tends to absorb into the surface, creating depth and dimension to your art. Linen resists cracking & disintegration as it retains natural oils and remains flexible over time, making it the optimal choice for your valuable art., Belgian Linen primed by Masterpiece. Gently wipe canvas with turpentine before painting to flash-off any excessive oil.

Each archival panel is sized to seal the rigid MDF Engineered Wood, which is the highest quality and most stable composite material available. The canvas is mounted using our pH balanced PVA glue, and then beautifully and uniquely finished with a vinyl backing, creating a double-sided impervious moisture barrier to keep the board flat.

Each panel hand-made panel is personally inspected to ensure that your panel is of the highest quality possible, and backed by our money back quality guarantee.