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12x24 Carmel™ Masterpiece® Hardcore Pro Canvas Panel™ additional picture 1
1:2 Aspect Ratio Size

12x24 Carmel™ Masterpiece® Hardcore Pro Canvas Panel™

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12x24 - Domino Size, 1:2 Aspect Ratio
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Carmel™ Portrait Smooth, Medium Body, Super Smooth, For Plein Air painters preferring a super-fine surface texture
Raw Weight: 7, Primed Weight: 10.3
Sized , Double Acrylic Primed

Carmel™ is a silky smooth and delightful surface for fine detail type work. This all-cotton and all-American canvas is sized & double primed with a special process that creates a very smooth surface, still with enough tooth to hold the paint. The archival surface yields an impenetrable barrier that will not allow your paints to leach through to the canvas, which is caustic to the fabric. Our cotton is grown, spun, woven, and primed in the USA

Each panel is meticulously handmade with MDF Engineered Wood - the ultimate and most stable composite material available - and inspected to our very high quality standards. We apply 4 sizing coats and pH balanced PVA to adhere the canvas. The back is covered with vinyl creating a double-sided impervious moisture barrier for improved stability. And with our unique process, we stress relieve each panel which keeps it as flat as possible.