13" Panel Porter™ Pair with Locking Hardware and Brass Clasps

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13" Panel Porter

Panel Porter™ is an ingenious new patent pending wet panel carrier that liberates the artist and lets you paint and carry any size you want!

Most plein air artists only use sizes for which they have carriers. This limits the range of potential sizes to a handful of carriers available on the market, and stifles the creativity of artists wanting to paint their desired size for the composition.

Your artwork should dictate the size of your carrier, not the other way around! Use two pair of Panel Porter™ Bars to create any size carrier frame you want. For example, with a pair of 8", 10", 12", & 16", you can make the common sizes: 8x10 & 12x16. Mix and match the same Porter™ Bars to also make an 8x12 (based on a 2:3 aspect ratio), and a 10x16, which is one of Masterpiece's Golden Ratio series sizes. PAINT ANY SIZE YOUR HEART DESIRES!

- Carry two wet panels, face to face, spaced 1/4" apart

- Steel locking pins secure frame to protect your artwork!

- Frees-up your hands from having to carry your carrier!

- Stow your supplies, paintings, and Porter™ Parts in your backpack.

- Air holes allow your painting to breathe while in the Porter™!

- Use as a shipper inside another box!

- Doubles as a quick and economical picture frame before you've selected your final display!

- Versatile, Secure, and the Best Value on the Market!

- Mix and match Bars to make any size carrier!

- See instructions on the next page.


There are many ways to do assemble your carrier frame and while it is fairly self-explanatory, these instructions below will help offer you the best and most successful experience using Panel Porter™. The main principal is to create as rigid of a frame as possible, making it easier to slide in-and-out your panels.

1) Assemble three of the bars together to create a U-Shaped frame.

2) Insert the steel locking pins into two of the corners and screw them together with your fingers until they are snug.

3) Using a dime, tighten the locking pins in the two corners of your U-Shaped frame so the frame legs are rigid and parallel.

4) Pick-up your wet panel, and with your hand below the painting (facing up), slide the panel all the way into the lower groove of the Panel Porter™.

5) Holding the frame legs against the already inserted panel, flip-over the frame with your inserted painting now facing down, and pick-up your next wet or dry panel.

6) Just as in step 4, insert your next panel into the lower groove of the frame.

7) Install the fourth Bar to U-Shaped frame legs to complete the frame.

8) Insert the last two steel corner locking pins to secure the frame, and tighten with the dime.


The provided brass clasps can be a little faster and easier to use when you are out in the field. Your experience will be easier if your U-Shaped frame is as rigid as possible, so that the frame legs don't move around while you are sliding-in your wet panel. While we have provided you with two complete sets of steel corner locking pins and brass clasps, your best experience is to use two of each corner hardware, thereby providing you with an extra set of corner locking hardware for your Panel Porter™ carrier frame. You can assemble your U-Shaped frame with two binder posts, as described above, and use two brass clasps for the remaining two corners. The brass clasps provide more tolerance in the corners and create a more flexible joint, so much so, you can open just one of the corners and the clasp can be used as a hinge, so you can hinge open the fourth Panel Porter™ Bar. This hinge-like functionality makes it a little easier for you to slide the panels in-and-out and quickly secure the frame.

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