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5x7 Ventura™ Masterpiece® Hardcore Pro Canvas Panel™ additional picture 1
Dynamic Root-2 Rectangle Sizes

5x7 Ventura™ Masterpiece® Hardcore Pro Canvas Panel™

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Ventura™ Exquisite Linen, Medium Heavy, Finer Weave, Exquisite, finer surface produces great results for Plein Air painting
Raw Weight: 7, Primed Weight: 11.3
Sized Twice, Double Alkyd Oil Primed

This smoother linen is ideal for more detailed type Plein Air paintings. The PVA sizing stabilizes the linen, upon which we hand-prime our special alkyd oil ground, creating an exquisite painting surface that reflects color, creating depth and dimensionality for your art. The smoother canvas displays better, as it has fewer peaks and valleys which tend to create tiny shadows across the surface. Belgian Linen primed by Masterpiece. Gently wipe canvas with turpentine before painting to flash-off any excessive oil.

Each panel is meticulously handmade with MDF Engineered Wood - the ultimate and most stable composite material available - and inspected to our very high quality standards. We apply 4 sizing coats and pH balanced PVA to adhere the canvas. The back is covered with vinyl creating a double-sided impervious moisture barrier for improved stability. And with our unique process, we stress relieve each panel which keeps it as flat as possible.