B2 Professional Stretcher Bar 1.5'' Deep 114'' B2

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114'' B2
The B2 Professional Heavy Duty Stretcher Bar is the best full featured Bar on the market and delivers museum quality components for your painting. The B2 Bar is 1 7/16'' deep by 2 1/4'' wide for maximum strength and support for the largest sizes. The tongue and groove components are a full 1/4'' thick to provide the maximum stiffness and to help prevent the frame from twisting.

The B2 Bar is equipped with a unique groove on the inner perimeter of the frame which accepts key-able braces and supports. This special groove along with a host of professional cross brace components are all part of a patented system that offer the optimal solution for Professional Stretcher Bars Frames. Please review our cross brace section.

Made from solid wood, our B2 Bar provides a very strong and stable frame for even the largest sizes up to 144x144''. We do not use finger-jointed wood which has a tendency to break at the finger-joint when put under tension or pressure. Made in North America.

This size must be shipped by truck, as the tubular box is longer than can be shipped by UPS.