S-14 Brace S-GR Grooved

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S-14 (1 Unit)
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For 18 Inch Elite B2 Stretcher Bars The Elite B2 Professional Brace is only for use with our Elite B2 Stretcher Bar Frame whose width is 18 Inches.

To determine the number of braces you'll need for your frame, you are welcome to call us and we will help you, but generally speaking, you can follow the below guidelines:
- For Frame length up to 71'', order 1 Brace
- For Frame length up to 107'', order 2 Braces
- For Frame length 108'' and over, order 3 Braces

- Multiple Braces may be ordered for each frame
- Dimension: 3/4'' x 3 1/4'' (twice as large as most other braces)
- Only solid wood components are used- No finger-jointed wood is allowed which tends to bend or break under pressure
- Precision machined at each end which allows the Brace to be inserted into our B2 Stretcher Bar
- Special Brace Keys may be inserted at each end of the brace to increase tension in the middle of the canvas, where the tension is needed the most!
- Special Groove is machined on both edges which accepts Masterpiece® Cross Braces
- Multiple Crosses are easily constructed for large frames, even up to 144'' x 144''
- Patented bracing system
- Does not work with other manufacturer's Stretcher Bars

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