Steel Triangular Corner Supports for Elite and 3D Frame Styles (4-Pack) 8x8x1/4"

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These super stiff, 1/4 inch thick, solid steel corner supports are designed for use with Masterpiece Elite and 3D style frames. When inserted in the interior groove of the frame, they provide substantial lateral support, thereby reducing frame twist, and maintaining the canvas tight and flat against the wall. Corner supports are recommended for highly-tensioned canvas frames.While the wood Stretcher Bars themselves can still twist, causing the non-planer action to still take place, using these corner supports greatly minimizes that effect.

Corner supports are installed in the same location where corner keys are normally installed, therefore, you must remove the corner keys before installing these metal supports. If you need to increase the tension of your stretched canvas frame, you must first remove the metal corner supports, key-out the frame, remove either one or both keys from the corner, and then reinsert the metal supports.

Eight screws are included with each package of four supports, which are used to secure the steel supports into each corner.

Only for use with the Monet and Elite canvas styles for sizes larger than 72 inch.

Dimensions: 8" x 8" x 1/4" - Triangle Shape