Tight'n'Up™ Liquid Canvas Retensioner 4oz. Spray

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4oz. Spray
Variations in temperature and humidity and often cause stretched canvases or painting to gain or lose tension. Tight'n'Up™ Liquid Canvas Re-Tensioner is a patented technology that tightens-up loose canvases without having to re-stretch the canvas. It removes wrinkles, sags, and ripples from most stretched canvases. Tight'n'Up™ may be applied only to the affected areas of the canvas, or the whole canvas, and underneath the Stretcher Bars. It may be applied before or after painting.Tight'n'Up™ is an acid free and archival material. Available in a pump spray and brush-on version.

Tight'n'Up™ Liquid Canvas Retensioner solves the age old problem of how to repair a loose stretched canvas!

Variations in temperature and humidity and often cause stretched canvases to gain or lose tension. Drier climates cause a canvas to loose tension. The most common method to re-tension a loose canvas is to hammer wedges into the inside corners of the stretcher frame, thereby expanding the frame. This creates size problems if the piece is inside a decorative frame, and can often make the frame out-of-square. Expanding the stretcher frame can also put unusual stress on the paint laying on the canvas surface, causing the paint to crack and thereby damaging the artwork. Although water is commonly used to tighten canvas, the tension is maintained as long as the canvas is wet. When the water dries, it leaves the canvas just as loose or even looser than when you started.

This patented liquid canvas re-tensioning technology solves most all of the typical canvas tension problems. It removes or improves any previous sagging, wrinkles, or ripples in the canvas, leaving the canvas flat and tight. Tight'n'Up™ dries clear so it will not affect the look of the piece.

Simply brush or spray Tight'n'Up™ to the back of a painted or unpainted stretched canvas. The water in Tight'n'Up™ causes the canvas threads to swell up, thereby shrinking their length, consequently tightening the canvas. Acrylic binders in the Tight'n'Up™ seep in between the fabric's threads and fibers, and provide extra support to the canvas. When the water evaporates, the acrylic remains in the fabric and prevents the fabric from relaxing to its previously loosened state, thereby retaining the increased tension. Tight'n'Up™ may be applied to the entire back surface of the canvas, but it is best applied only to the problem areas.

Tight'n'Up™ will not harm the canvas, oil or gesso priming, or typical artist paints. It is an archival quality and acid-free art material. It works best on cotton, linen, and other natural fiber canvases. Tight'n'Up™ is suitable for most any canvas tension problems.

Before re-stretching a loose canvas, first apply Tight'n'Up™ to solve the problem once and for all!

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