Elite B2 Custom Frame Kit - Group A 595 Sizes

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ELITE B2 FRAME KIT - 1.5 Inches Deep - Size Group A

Other Size Groups:

Includes our robust Elite B2 Stretcher Bars, corner keys, and instructions. Larger sizes include Super Wide and Super Strong Cross Braces, Brace Keys, and sometimes Diamond Corner Braces.

Easily assembles into a very strong frame ready to accept your canvas (not included). All of our wood is milled from solid Pine or Fir from the sustainable forests of the Pacific Northwest. We never use finger-jointed wood, which are multiple smaller pieces of wood that are glued together to make a longer wood and often fail under pressure, and over time. The double-wide Braces are keyable and allow you to expand the frame slightly, thereby increasing canvas tension in the corners and in the middle of the canvas, where the tension is needed the most. Our professional Stretcher Bar and Bracing system is unique to all others on the market, and most often used by serious and professional artists for commissions, gallery, and museum pieces.

Please allow 3-7 days to ship your order, plus transit time.

Simply select the WIDTH and LENGTH from the pull-down menus. There are literally over 6000 sizes represented.

Due to the way that our website software works, not all sizes can be grouped together. Therefore, if you don't find the size that you want in this A-GROUP of sizes, you will need to check one of the other size groupings (B, C, or D). See the image to get the best view of how the frame will look, including all of the included parts.

The Braces connect between the two longer sides of the frame. They usually have a groove on either side of the brace. Cross Braces are used to fit inside the groove of the Braces and can also connect to the Stretcher Bars. All Brace ends have keys (included) that allow you to expand the frame size to add tension. When there are cross braces, simply build the cross brace (or lattice for larger sizes), and then wrap the Stretcher Bars around the Cross Brace structure.

Usually, it is best to use a rubber mallet to bang the frame components together and a square to help ensure a square frame when done.

A word about shipping charges. Depending upon how many frame kits you order, we may be able to combine sizes or combine boxes together in order to reduce shipping charges. We review the shipping charges for every order, and if we can reduce your shipping charge, we will do so before your credit card is actually charged. This is especially true for Truck Shipments. The general rule of thumb, is the more you order, the cheaper freight will become.